We Are All Creative.

I receive academic papers on a variety of subjects. Today I read something that I felt was worth sharing:

“Creativity is largely a decision. Being a decision, it is therefore conscious, aware, rational. This suggests to Sternberg that creativity can be developed. To be creative, one will have to decide to have new ideas. A person may have analytical, synthetic or practical valences, but not apply them to problems involving creativity. Consequently, such person will not become creative.”

The above is from an article published by Paolo Tiago Cabeca on the site Academia Letters.

Often my friends tell me they are not creative. I have convinced a few that creativity is a choice.

Choose to be creative. It enriches life in ways no other activity can.

Published by bretanthonymccormick

I love creating. Whether it's writing, painting or shooting video, I have the enthusiastic urge to create daily. I believe creativity is the reason we are are.

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