Artists Don’t Blog A Lot

Okay, so I finally realized it’s been over a year since I wrote a new post for In my own defense I’ll say I have done lots of creative stuff in that time: I made my first feature-length genre movie in over 25 years (CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR MASSACRE — a horror comedy which will be released in December. My understanding is it will be available on streaming sites like TUBI.), I painted lots of paintings (and sold quite a few) but, unfortunately, I forgot to post pictures of all of them, I wrote six screenplays in the past year and sold four of them. Now, it’s starting to sound like I’m bragging, which is not my intention. I was just trying to make it clear that I haven’t been just parked on the sofa watching movies (although, I’ve done plenty of that as well!)…

I LOVE doing art. I painted five abstracts today. Patrice, my partner, likes two of them. I knew in advance which ones she’d appreciate. You develop a sense over time regarding which things have broader appeal (are commercial in other words) and the trick is to not let that keep you from doing the non-commercial things you feel an urge to create.

Thanks for looking at my site. I appreciate you.

More later…

Published by bretanthonymccormick

I love creating. Whether it's writing, painting or shooting video, I have the enthusiastic urge to create daily. I believe creativity is the reason we are are.

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